Mirta Roses appointed as Board Member

In an official communication, Gabriela de la Iglesia, Communication Focal Point for Latin America of the LAC Delegation, reported the appointment of Dr. Mirta Roses Periago as Full Member representing Latin America before the Global Fund Board until October 2023.

Roses served as an alternate member of the Board since November 2019.

Below you can read the official communication sent to authorities in the region.


Honorable Ministers and Secretaries of Health,

It is my honor to inform you that Dr. Mirta Roses has been appointed as Global Fund Board Member by the Latin American constituency for the period between November 2021 and October 2023.

In keeping with the LAC Constituency Terms of Reference, the BMNC selected Dr. Mirta Roses Periago and officially submitted its recommendation to the LA MOHs with a deadline on August 2, 2021 for their consideration; as established common practice, lack of response was deemed to be an approval. Having concluded the deadline without any objection, the nomination is now confirmed.

We would like to express our appreciation to the the BMNC members:

  • Dr. Lucrecia Ramirez de Castellanos, Ministry of Health Advisor, Former Vice-Minister and Former National TB Program Manager, Ministry of Health, Guatemala.
  • Dr. Lourdes Kusunoki Fuero, Program Coordinator “Strengthening TB laboratory diagnostic in the Region of Americas” regional grant of the Global Fund, ORAS/CONHU, Peru.
  • Lic. Javier Hourcade Bellocq, Civil Society Leader, Communities Delegation Member and Former LAC Delegation Member for the GF Board, Argentina.

As a reminder, the Alternate Board Member from the Caribbean to represent LAC for the period between November 2021 and October 2023, will be appointed following a similar process as LA with a deadline on August 24, 2021 for the call on nominations.


Dr. Gabriela de la Iglesia

Communication Focal Point for Latin America

LAC Representation